Private Whitelist Only sale (vested) 15%

A private sale for community members, collab members and spaces GOERS who will be invited in person to join discord and Whitelist to buy erc20 M4Spore in a fund raising round. 50% of The TOTAL funds raised in this round will be used to cover all service and dev costs and to cover marketing campaign for the public sale and other running costs of M4 NFT Project such as servers and domains ENS etc etc. The other 50% will be passed to the liquidity pool with 100% of the funds from the PUBLIC sale on 14th August 2022. The cap is 1,500,000 tokens
The Tokens Per ETH value is dynamic but we attempt to keep it as close to $0.05 per token via the price update function in the sales contract so that buyers receive the maximum Tokens Per ETH possible but DYOR prices fluctuate. Welcome to Crypto! Token will be available to White List buyers in the following sequence:
  • 10% ready to claim from Private Sale Contract on the day the Public Sale Ends.
  • 10% claim 10 days later and so on until there is no more balance.
  • if you wait 20 days to claim your next claim will still be 10 days later.
  • as soon as there is liquidity and staking you are free to HODL or exchange/trade these ERC20 Tokens for any other ERC20 on ETHEREUM.
Of course we advise you to DYORHODLDYOR we are in a lull guys! When ETH is back at 3k we just gained 1/3 and you arent betting/trading on random tokens this is a project with longevity DYORHODLDYOR
Maximum and Minimum purchase:
  • Minimum purchase is 0.050 ETH worth of M4Spore Tokens
  • Maximum Purchase is 2.50 ETH worth of M4Spore Tokens
  • Any "friendly" WHALES may contact the Founders to discuss a private vesting purchase above 2.5 ETH. these tokens would be locked in a more strict contract than the others made with UNICRYPT to prevent damage to the economy % dependant on the proposed investment ammount and available tokens.
Staking rewards will be calculated at time of liquidity launch. Liquidity tokens will be locked for 18 Months with UNICRYPT LIQUIDITY LOCKER. Staking will be provided by UNICRYPT STAKING AS A SERVICE, UNISWAP or SUSHISWAP DEX.