Spore in Game

M4Spore in Game at your control panel you see M4 rabbit in his full 3D model glory with a simple interface that lets you find and add friends and charge your spore and weapons players pay a fee unless they were in the private sale and or hold M4 lets say the spore is there around $0.10 cents you charge your M4 Rabbit character with $10 worth of M4Spore and you either enter the hostile spore ridden Planet as a "COMBATANT" or a "HARVESTER" when you move around the planet surface you lose a little spore roughly $1 per minute. there is spore glowing all around and as you move you can see that you have GAINED M4Spore rather than LOSE it as you "HARVESTED" you can do this several times a day enter as "HARVESTER" receiving only the spore that you find from the planet but that spore also damages you a little. the only way to lose is to enter and stand still literally!
enter as a "COMBATANT" now your spore is divided in to 4 in a POWER BAR from green to red and your M4Spore depletes as you are damaged by other players
if they damage you enough that you lose 1/4 of your M4Spore the other player then gets 50% of this the other 50% goes to HODLERS and helps to fuel the economy you can form GUILDS up to 9 friends and the planet's spore does not harm you in this mode but you can't collect it either and when you are on your last power bar, the spore of the planet will damage slightly because you are weak thats about the size of it.... so if you want to go in there and smash the flakes out of a load of n00b5 or get your M4PRO status and ROLE on the M4 leaderboards YOU NEED M4SPore if you want to enter tournaments and fight against the other leaders like you then of course you will require M4Spore. beyond that: COMMUNITY DECISIONS with enough people supporting what we are doing we have designed the whole project to fuel its self and bring gains for those who diamond hand it through to 2023-2024! WELCOME ABOARD SPACE WARRIORS!