The Remaining Tokens?

What about the other 60%!
30% - Staking/Liquidity (3,000,000 M4Spore Tokens)
20% - M4SPORE & M4Rabbit NFT HOLDER Rewards (2,00,000 M4Spore Tokens)
  • These tokens are only available to M4Rabbit NFT HODLERs & M4Spore HOLDERS from the Private WL sale round.
  • Prizes, give aways and other rewards, community purchases etc
  • community will decide how we distribute this
10% - Marketing Vested (1,000,000 M4Spore Tokens)
  • a specific wallet that will be used to run marketing and ad influencer campaigns to draw attention to project and gaming as they launch.
  • 5% released every 7 days - half the rate of public sale
10% - Dev/Treasury unlocked (1,000,000 M4Spore Tokens)
Between the holders, The Burn and the Liquidity Pool there are a total of 60% (6 Million) of ALL circulating Tokens.
A further 20% (2 Million) of Total Tokens can only be rewarded to M4 NFT Holders and those who bought M4Spore in Private WL Sale.
Of the remaining 20% (2 Million) HALF (1 Million) locked at 5% every 7 days and 10% (1 Million) unlocked and split between dev/marketing.